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Everyone chooses what to do on their day off. For some people it’s a long-awaited opportunity to sleep it off, others finally find time to clear up household chores, and still, others fill these days to the max with all kinds of meetings and activities. But how many times have the weekend flashed by the snap of your fingers: It seemed that you just returned home on Friday night, and it’s Monday morning, and everything again.

To pass the weekend without an elusive sense of transience and leave an impression, try to follow our recommendations to make your weekend brighter! 

Postpone news monitoring until Monday

Nervous work calls are also worth giving up. Many smartphones now have a feature to separate personal contacts from work contacts and set a “do not disturb” mode for a specific group. Unless, of course, you are sure that without your participation at work there will not be a collapse. 

Carve out time for hobbies 

Cook a dish that you have long wanted to try, but something kept getting in the way. Print out a pack of felt-tip pens and let the creativity flow. Describe the most powerful experience of the past week in a short essay. Or try virtual gambling in the Spinia Casino – why knows, maybe you will hit a jackpot?

Minimize housework

According to statistics, many people devote their weekends to household chores. Do not plan all the “household chores” for one day – assign duties to different days of the week and delegate those that can be delegated. For example, there is no need to go to the store for groceries: most supermarkets now have free home delivery and forming a basket from home is easier and more economical – do not buy too much. 

Engage in sports

Engage in sports

This item will be relevant for anyone who wants to lose excess weight. Even if all week you were watching reset and you have to start over. Add some weekend sports and you’ll soon notice results. Go for a run, go to the pool, or just take a 30-40 minute walk. 

Talk to your loved ones 

In the hustle and bustle of the weekdays, we don’t always find time to just talk to the most important people. Spend time alone with your loved one. Play with your children, talk to them privately, and help them with their homework. Call your parents and ask them about everything that happened during the week. 

Go to the nearest park with a camera

A walk-in nature – it’s also an opportunity to distract from the problems and “reset” the head. Beautiful landscapes are considered almost the best antistress. It’s also a great way to bond with your family. Be outdoors more often Go to new places A change of scenery is good for the state of mind and the brain – new places help form connections between neurons.

Help others

By helping others, we improve our mood, make friends, get fresh impressions, feel proud and get a rush of inspiration. In short, we become happier. So, include in your list of things to do for the weekend to help others: help your parents move stuff from the cottage or a friend – get rid of junk on the balcony. And if after the workweek you have no energy for anything, do not be sad – a lazy weekend is also necessary and essential.

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