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Cuddles and other FurReal Friends: soft cuddly plush toys for your kids

Plush toys are great toys for small kids. They can provide your kids with a comfy companion and at the same time, they can be quite soft and safe to play with. Why not get your tyke a Furreal Friends plush toy? Your little one will certainly enjoy the softness as well as the other features that come along with the toy.

Furreal Friends

Furreal Friends

What does Furreal Friends monkey have for your kids? Here are some things that it can do:

1. Reacts to different movements – the toy reacts to each action made by your little kid, like when your kid swings the toy’s feet or when your kid cuddles or tickles the toy. This allows playing with a toy that actually responds, not just a lifeless plush toy which provides kids with no reaction at all.

2. Responds with different sounds – giving your kids a furreal friends Cuddles my giggly monkey allows them to hear and enjoy different chimp like sounds being made by the toy. This means hearing real monkey-like sounds to entertain them even without having a real monkey around. This is a quirky toy that kids can indeed appreciate.

3. Stimulates imagination – aside from making sounds and chimp like movements, the furreal monkey can help stimulate your kids’ imaginations. They feed the monkey, change her diaper and rock her to sleep. This allows your kids to interact with the toy and play make believe, which is quite important for those of young ages.

4. Giving kids a sense of responsibility – with the pet care guide that comes along with the package, you can teach your kids how to take care of their pet. This can be a great practice when you do give them real live pets later on, like their very own dog, cat or whatever they make like as they grow older.

5. Completing the whole set – furreal friends plush toys come with several other animals and designs. By getting each one for your kids, you can complete their collection for them to play with different animals with different sound responses and movements.

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